What will you do?

Imagine you came to the Pacific Northwest as a missionary. What would you expect to do? 

Would you hope to share the gospel, pray for the sick, help people in need?

Now imagine if church people began to live like JESUS PEOPLE.

Challenge yourself to live beyond yourself. Step out and BE the gospel! 


You challenged us to reach out into the community. Well, I went to Fred Meyer to pick up some groceries and stopped by the outside spare ribs tent to sample a free taste and as I was nibbling on it the young lady who was "wo"manning the station and putting the ribs on the barbie was telling a gentleman about her arthritic condition and how it restricted her. After the taste I decided to buy a half-rack and came back to pick it up. As she was packaging the food I started the conversation with acknowledging her beautiful name, Savannah, introduced myself and told her I was a Christian and said I couldn't help but overhear her talking about her arthritic condition. And I asked if I could pray for her.  She smiled a reluctant smile. I knew that in the midst of the busy location it might've been a tough one for her to say YES. So, before she could say anything I just lowered my head and prayed a quiet yet audible prayer asking the Lord Jesus to heal her of this condition. It was a simple short prayer.


After that prayer she smiled and I left with the food and a thought that our Father's loving touch is not dependent upon our faith to believe he can heal. His love for someone is not diminished because that person has yet to embrace Him and His power to heal is always available if we only step out in faith. I don't know the end of this story, however, I believe it was a seed and trust the Lord will continue watering it.




Frank Walker

My 21 Day Challenge Journal:

Sunday: It has been on my heart to reach out to my neighbors in my apartment building. So as I left for church on Sunday morning, I left a gift bag on each of the 13 neighbor’s doors. Each bags had a dozen homemade cookies and a short note from me. This gift bags have opened the doors to talk to several of my neighbors!!! 

Monday: I walked into Walmart and noticed that all the school supplies are out, which got me thinking. So I started a School Supplies Drive at my job. For the next few weeks, we will be collecting school items for local students.

Wednesday: Today, I dropped off some items at HopeSparks. They provide crucial programs and services to low-income children and families throughout Pierce County. 

Let the Love continue,


As I mentioned earlier about me going to Bremerton and sharing my testimony to homeless people and addicts and your advice was to go in twos so I really started thinking about it and of course Josh was the first person that came to my mind but than I kept thinking witness over and over again so I thought who better than my mom since she's been there every step of the way and is a witness to what Jesus has done and continues to doing my life , so I'm sharing my testimony than my mom shares how she has witnessed the peace joy and love Jesus has blessed me with and life He has breathed into me. Well the other day coffee oasis contacted me they are a organization that helps troubled runaway teens, Jesus is leading and I'm more than willing to follow. I am feeling so blessed and grateful to have opportunities to hopefully touch someone through my testimony. Once again thanks for great advice and always encouraging me to keep moving forward .


Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Share Salvation message with an unbeliever

Pray for a person in need of healing

Take a meal to a person in need

Work with your kids to organize a fundraiser or food drive

Assist someone in need with simple chores

Take food and clothing items to the homeless, offer prayer and salvation message

Invite isolated (lonely) people into your home for a meal

Help a single parent with childcare

Visit local police station, bring thank you card and yummy treats

Donate your skills to a person in need (i.e. electrician, plumber, hairstylist...)

Give to a family in need (clothes for kids, food for family) 

Schedule time to minister with girls at Teen Challenge