I am very excited at what God is doing in our growing church family, and blessed that I get to be a part of it with you! Related to that, I want to highlight our HF Family Members Weekends, and if you have not yet participated, I personally want to invite you to sign up for one. They have been a huge success. 

The Family Members Weekends allow for you to get to know others and HF ministry leaders, to learn all kinds of information about HF’s history, personnel, and ministry opportunities, and to understand the WHY of our existence. 

These HF Family Members Weekends are in homes and begin on Friday evenings from 6 to 9 pm with a meal. They continue on Saturdays from 8:15 am with breakfast to 6:45 pm including lunch and dinner. To finish the weekend, we convene for 60 to 90 minutes immediately following the Sunday morning service with lunch at the church. Our next available date is February 23rd + 24th. 

God’s richest blessings to you!